My last day in the Arizona desert was a beauty. After several weeks of VERY cold temperatures by the Phoenix-area standards, the bright sun warmed the desert up to about 70F (20C).  I went out for about an hour’s bike ride, followed by a short hike with Elizabeth on Tom’s Thumb trail. It was her first time there.

We finished the day with a scrumptious dinner at Scottsdale’s Ocean Club restaurant. Elizabeth’s birthday is later this month. But we decided to celebrate it early – once in Arizona and again after she returns home to Maui the day after Christmas. We also celebrated our college graduation anniversaries, both of which took place on Dec 12 – today.

One year ago on this day, we were both traveling, only in opposite directions. I was flying from Maui to Peru, Elizabeth from Maui to Arizona.

IMG_0837 IMG_0838IMG_0839 IMG_0842

Some photos from earlier in the week…

IMG_0833 IMG_0832IMG_0836 I brought Elizabeth and Theresa delicious tamales from this Hilton Village farmer’s market.

Aloha from Eagle’s Nest! Off to the Rainbow Shower now…

Author: ALTZAR

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman, geopolitical commentator, business analyst, playwright-producer... He is also founder of non-profit organizations Stewards of the Earth ( and Truth in Media ( ALTZAR shares his time between Maui, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can follow his blog at and his travelogues at Bob had also worked as a business consultant and advisor to top executives of large multinational computer companies for 36 years (1978-2014). He had spent 8 years working for IBM prior to starting his own business in 1978.

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