Last night, we went to a Mozart concert by the Phoenix Symphony at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center.  They played the Mozart Violin Concerto #4.Chen-Ray-6747

The soloist, Ray Chen, was phenomenal. I have heard many virtuosos play the violin in my lifetime, but never one like this young man who hails from Taiwan via Australia.   He plays the 1702 “Lord Newlands” Stradivarius violin on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation (click here to read his bio).

After Mozart, we walked over to a nearby Indian restaurant, “Jewel of the Crown.”  It is a family-owned establishment that my children and I have been frequenting for nearly three decades now.  It was Elizabeth’s first time there. She is not very keen on Indian food, but she looked right at home at this loveseat swing, posing like Goddess Shiva.  Or Shakti, of you prefer.


IMG_1436 IMG_1438


Author: ALTZAR

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman, geopolitical commentator, business analyst, playwright-producer... He is also founder of non-profit organizations Stewards of the Earth ( and Truth in Media ( ALTZAR shares his time between Maui, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can follow his blog at and his travelogues at Bob had also worked as a business consultant and advisor to top executives of large multinational computer companies for 36 years (1978-2014). He had spent 8 years working for IBM prior to starting his own business in 1978.


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