Today, I continued my cleanup of the Rainbow Shower following the flash floods and hurricane winds 12 days ago. After working up top for a couple of hours, I finally mustered enough courage and strength to tackle the huge pile of debris the flood waters had deposited against our bridge at the Lower Rainbow Shower (the photo our landscaper took two days later). Water damage 1-02-15

You will notice in this photo a long dark object behind those two trees propped up against the bridge rocks. That was our foot bridge. The Namaka Creek flood waters carried it downstream about a 100 yards before getting it stuck at this spot.

And just to give you an idea, the foot bridge is now heavier than the 200-pound railroad ties you see in the forefront.  Which the river moved like toothpicks.

Two days ago, I tried lifting the foot bridge from the top. No way Jose. It would not budge. There was so much other debris piled up on top of it that it felt as if it had been cemented into the rocks.

Today, I tried a different tack. I approached it from the bottom of the creek to see if I can jar it and drag it down.  But first, I cleared some of the logs and limbs around the foot bridge.  Then, after a Herculean effort by my standards, I managed to drag it down to the bottom of the creek. Whew!

Time for victory celebrations?

IMG_2667Not yet. Not today anyway. What followed was the most exciting part of the day.

You see, the river has also deposited at this spot about a 3-4 foot deep pile of dirt. Which has now turned into mush. So walking through it felt like going through a rice paddy. You can see my footprints in the mud in the left shot.

And yes, I had put on my rubber boots before lunging in. It was probably the only thing I did right today.  Otherwise, I might still be down there… 🙂

Comedy Hour

What followed could have been a scene from a comic film.  I tried to drag the heavy foot bridge with all my might while going backwards through mud. I moved it maybe a foot or two before my feet got stuck in the mud. Literally. The momentum of pulling the bridge carried me backward.  I ended up making a big splat. Like these snow angels in mud I reconstructed later.

Splat in Mud 1-12-15 Snow Angel in Mud 1-12-15

The only thing that wasn’t funny was that I also twisted my left knee and re-injured my right shoulder during the fall.  I have had several surgeries on both. They are now at a point that no additional surgery could repair the damage.

So I turned to the Spirit and asked them to heal the tendents in both places. They were probably pulled during the backward flip I did in the mud.  I know it will take months. Well, c’est la vie… (that’s life). So it goes.


I was still not out of the woods, however. Lying in on my back in the mud, I could not find any traction to pull myself up. Eventually, I flipped around to about a push-up position, I clawed my way out of the mud on all fours.

Even though I don’t baby my cars, there was no way I was going to sit down in our El Jeepo caked in mud like that.It took me about 20 minutes to hose myself down.  As I was doing it, I was thinking of my old friend Woots, the 2014 Mud Champion of Toronto in the over 70 category (see MEET MY FRIEND WOOTS: THE MUD HERO OF TORONTO!). Wish he could have seen me today.

Taking off my rubber boots was another challenge.  They were caked in mud inside and out.  I even got leg cramps while doing it.   But off they came.  Finally. I left them down there in the gulch to dry out for an encore effort tomorrow. 🙂

By the time Elizabeth came home from her art class this afternoon, I looked as good as new.

“How was your work today, mi amor?” she asked nonchalantly, expecting a mundane answer.

* * *



Today was Day 2 of my battle to rescue and restore the foot bridge at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower to its original position. It was a four-stage operation. And it succeeded without having to resort to more Mud Angels (see http://wp.me/p3R16m-1wv).

Check it out…

IMG_2670 IMG_2671 IMG_2672

IMG_2674 Clearly, El Jeepo was the hero today!

All that’s now left is for me to drag the footbridge across the creek and secure it on both banks. Alas, I may have to wait for the flow to subside a bit more before attempting that.

Of course, I could always try to do it barefoot. Hm… haven’t thought of it till now. 🙂

* * *



Tackling trees felled by hurricane winds

Today was Day 3 of my battle to rescue and restore the foot bridge to its rightful place at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower gulch.

Here’s the final scene, after the 5th and final stage – placing the bridge back on its supports.


After that, I spent a couple of hours lumberjacking. The hurricane winds that hit this area just before we got here from Arizona had toppled a number of trees.


This was one of them. The green wall you see in the back of this shot was the “opala” (cuttings in Hawaiian) from just a single tree. It took me two hours to cut it up and stack it back in the jungle.

* * *


Elizabeth and I walked down to the bridge this evening so she could see my today’s battleground. As we climbed back up to the Upper Rainbow Shower where our home is, this is a scene we witnessed in our back yard.


Aren’t these bamboo just magnificent at sunset? They look as if they are almost translucent, don’t they?

Here’s the actual sunset, the source of the golden light…


* * *


As if vicariously figuring out what happened here at the Rainbow Shower today, one of my FB friends posted this gorgeous painting/photo on my timeline.  I shared it with the following caption…


Also, how many of these equine snow angels do you see here?

Snos horses

What are your answers to these questions?

You can write to me if you want to hear mine…

Author: ALTZAR

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman, geopolitical commentator, business analyst, playwright-producer... He is also founder of non-profit organizations Stewards of the Earth (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gaiastewards) and Truth in Media (https://www.facebook.com/groups/truthinmedia.org/) ALTZAR shares his time between Maui, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can follow his blog at http://djurdjevic.wordpress.com/ and his travelogues at https://yinyangbob.wordpress.com/). Bob had also worked as a business consultant and advisor to top executives of large multinational computer companies for 36 years (1978-2014). He had spent 8 years working for IBM prior to starting his own business in 1978.


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