Elizabeth and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Tucson, our farewell trip together (more on that later). We first drove to Tubac, an enchanting artist colony about a half hour drive south of Tucson and about an equal distance from the Mexican border.

We had been there before. But this time, we lucked out to have arrived at the start of a three-day arts and crafts festival. We spent an hour or so browsing through the various exhibits before heading BACK to Tucson. 🙂


After resting up a bit at our hotel, we then went to a play (musical) at the Tornabene Theater of the University of Arizona. We had been there many times before for wonderful drama and musical performances. But this show – Hands on a Hardbody – was a bust as far we were concerned. We left during the intermission.

But all was not lost. Elizabeth got to wear a new top she bought when we were in Sedona on Oct 25. Which she is modeling in the above pictures.


This morning we did our usual and our favorite hike in Tucson – at the Sabino Canyon. Except that this time, we did not go all the way to the top. I did about 3/4 of the hike – a 6-mile round trip, Elizabeth about 5 miles.


I went a bit longer because I wanted to say my prayers of gratitude at the spot where my Spirit guides led me to these images of an Eagle, a Lion and myself (ALTZAR), during my Desert Quest in 2013.

This is what this magical place looked like today, Nov 5, 2016…

In the past, we would encounter during our Sabino Canyon hikes a snake or a lizard here or there. But today, we only saw two wildlife specimen. Both were Roadrunners, and quite rare to see without running their tails off through the desert. Here’s a picture of one of them.


Stand by for an explanation later on this week about why this was Elizabeth’s and my “farewell” trip together.

I used to be able to add audio files to my domain. Now your system is asking me to upgrade my plan. When and why did I lose that privilege? How do I upgraee and how much would it cost?

 * * *

UPDATE NOV 12, 2016


It’s been several months since I received a musical download from my old friend Mozart. This afternoon, though, as I was washing some new dishes I had bought, I heard this tune. It came to me in G-major. So I just sat down at my Clavinova to record these opening bars.

Can you help me figure out what it is?

I virtually certain that it is Mozart, just don’t know which one of his many pieces.


MOZART IN THE DESERT – Here’s my new desert-themed pitcher and glasses set from Mexico. I was washing it when a Mozart tune came to me this afternoon:

UPDATE NOV 20, 2016


Eight days ago, while washing some new dishes I had bought, I received a download of divine-sounding music. I figured it was Mozart. But I wasn’t sure what piece it was.

So I recorded some opening bars and sent them out to the universe for someone to identify them for me.

Not long afterward, I got my answer. It came from Belgrade, Serbia. My nephew Staša Jovanović identified it as Romanze Andante, the 2nd movement of Mozart’s famous “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.”

As it turns out, that’s the piece whose 1st movement (better known and more often performed) I received as a download from Mozart at Christmas in 2008. And I recorded it at the time on my antique piano ( It now feels like a slow motion film. 🙂

Elizabeth and I also heard Eine Kleine Nachtmusik when we attended a Mozart concert with my 8-year old grandson, a cello player, in Vienna in May 2014.  Now, that was super fast. I am not sure that even today I can play that fast. 🙂

But back to Andante, which means slow in Italian, the second movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik has been playing in my head or wherever music resides in our souls practically non-stop during the last week.  I would wake up in the night and hear it. I would also visualize fingering. And the various instruments.

Anyway, today was the day, my spirit guides have told me. I was ready to record it. And so here it is, just the audio for now, in my own rendition.


 * * *

While I was at it this afternoon, I also (re)recorded the entire Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, including some of my own variations and improvisations that have come to me over the years. In due course, I will edit and post that as well as one complete work, a sort of composite Mozart-Altzar piece, probably 90% Mozart and 10% Altzar.



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