Clear sky rainbows in the morning, first ever post-sunset rainbow in the evening


It happened again today. Just like it did three days ago – on Sunday, Jan 22. Both ends of this day at the Rainbow Shower were bracketed by rainbows. Only this time, they were even more beautiful.

The first ones this morning were rare clear sky rainbows. The mist and sun kept dancing with each all day. By late afternoon, more rainbows started to appear. And this evening, I witnessed something quite remarkable, possibly for the first time.

The sun had already set. The Rainbow Shower house and lawn were already enveloped in darkness as you can see from the first two photos. Yet the sun’s rays were still reaching up high and the sky and setting the clouds on fire as well as the rainbow.

It was an awe-inspiring, amazing sight. Feeling blessed? You betcha.

So I ran into the house get the camera and share it with you. Enjoy!


Today I had to run some errands in town. On my way, I could not resist and had to stop at Ho’okipa Point for another look at Maui’s Great White Giants that are pounding against the lava rocks at one of the world’s most famous surfing spots – Ho’okipa Point. But with the waves at about 25 to 30 feet, no one was crazy enough to try to surf on them.

MAUI’S GREAT WHITE GIANTS ARE BACK – a 1-min video by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Jan 25, 2017

Here’s a 1-min video consisting of 25 “live shots” – with my background music – Banana Boat from the Caribbean. 🙂

https://youtu.be/7-QshdLAJyU [Youtube version]

* * *


 * * *

UPDATE JAN 27, 2017

A 1-min video by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Jan 27, 2017 – filmed around 4PM


Just got back from a quick outing to Paia. Stopped at Ho’okipa Point on my way. Beautiful afternoon. What attracted me most of all was the scent of the ocean. Love it. So pure and healing especially with light trade breezes like today’s.

The surf is now “surfable” – about 6-10 ft waves. And there were lots of surfers starting their weekend on water.

Check it out…


Youtube link: https://youtu.be/XhrQqixcbdI


  * * *

UPDATE FEB 5, 2017


Normally, we get trade winds blowing from the northeast. Today, however, we are experiencing strong “anti-trade” winds from the southwest.

No, this is not a political anti-TPP statement. 🙂 But who knows, it could be. You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

How strong are the winds?

Not very. according to the official Weather.com. Only 22 mph right now. But the gusts must be much stronger. Because for the first time ever (!), they have literally opened my bedroom sliding screen door. Twice!

At first, I did not believe it was the wind. I thought I had forgotten to close it. But when it happened the second time…

So now I propped it up a little – using my university crest as a door stopper. 🙂 No offense meant. It’s just that I needed something narrow to wedge on the track behind it.

The wind is almost never an event unto its own. Like an advance scout, it precedes the arrival of the main army. Tomorrow, we are expecting rain. So it goes…


Better late than never?

Now they tell us… after the wind opened this door for a third time, and blew off the (heavy) top of my spa. And it also knocked down my wheel barrow. Here’s a weather update I just got:
Talk about closing the barn door after the horse is gone, I could have told them this morning the winds were stronger than the 22 mph the Weather,com said.
I just hope and pray that we don’t lose power or internet. Knock on wood, so far so good (rhyme intended) 🙂

UPDATE FEB 6, 2017


I have never seen anything like it before. Last night, an enormous cloud that took up 2/3 of the sky, shaped like a giant whale or a blimp, hovered above my house for nearly two hours.

The head was pointing to the west. The tail was in the east. The light you see which looks like the whale’s eye is actually the moon trying to shine through.

I snapped this picture when I first saw it a little after 10 PM without expecting much. I had never taken a shot before with my new iPhone camera in complete darkness. Then I went back to watch the rest of a movie. When I came back out about an hour-and-a-half later, the cloud was still there.

What made this phenomenon so extraordinary is that at the same time we were (and still are) buffeted by gale force winds that blew off the top of my spa and opened the sliding screen door – 3 times! Eventually, I had to tape it down to the frame using masking tape.

Yet the giant cloud was still there, like a massive immovable object impervious to gale force winds. Amazing! Wonder what it meant?


 * * *

UPDATE FEB 7, 2017


This morning, thanks to a real estate showing of my property, I did three things on a spur of a moment that I don’t usually do.

First, before I even cleaned up, I spent an hour raking and mowing the debris from the strong winds in the last two days have brought down on the lawn.

Second, I had breakfast. Well, I mean – a real breakfast, a veggie omelette at Colleen’s in Haiku town center – not my usual, a few grapes and half a banana.

Third, I drove down to Ho’okipa Point to watch the surfers on this beautifully clear morning. The forecast was rain, by the way. 🙂

You can see for yourself now how great the weather is this morning. It is rare that one can see the West Maui Mountains. Usually they are enveloped in clouds. The surf was about 10-15 ft with an occasional 20-footer.



But the most interesting scene was watching this family down on the rocks. Their two kids, a toddler and a baby still in diapers, played on the lava rocks like two little blonde crabs. 🙂

But one or both of the parents kept a close eye on them. The mother eventually took both kids into that little basin which the ocean had carved out in the lava rocks like a bathtub. Of course, she took off the diaper first. Not her own. 🙂



Nail-biting return home

The trade winds have returned to Maui this morning. After more than a week of VOG (volcanic emissions), the sky was clear once again.

So I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone: Test the endurance and range of my Leaf (electric car) and enjoy some beautiful sights around the wild and woolly West Maui.

In the past, Elizabeth and I have driven around the West Maui mountains’ twisty single lane roads a number of times – in El Jeepo or some of our other gasoline-powered cars. But never in a Leaf.

Why not?

Because even if everything went according to plant, the round trip would be about 100 miles. Which equals the rated range of the Leaf under normal conditions.

Alas, conditions are never normal on a volcanic island like Maui. There are hills and valleys, headwinds and tailwinds, light and dark. So I realized I was taking a chance when I set out on this journey a little after noon today.

For, now let’s just say that the Leaf and I returned home around six this evening on a single charge. That’s 105 miles!

There was a bit of nail-biting toward the end, but we made it home on a single bar (there are 12 bars when the car is fully charged).



It is rare that one can see so clearly the West Maui Mountains while driving from my home into Kahului. Normally, most Hawaiian volcano peaks are enveloped in clouds.

I took the first picture while driving past Ho’okipa Point, a famous surfing spot. The other two shots were taken from Kahului harbor. When the “Pride of America” cruise ship is in town (every Sunday and Monday), it instantly becomes the tallest structure in Kahului. 🙂


Here’s also a view of it from across the Kahului harbor.

Maui’s “Rock of Gibraltar

Ever since we returned from our May 2014 trip to Europe, which included a visit to Gibraltar, I have been calling this rock on the northeast side of Maui as our “Rock of Gibraltar.”

The height of the overlook north of the “Rock of Gibraltar” offers wonderful views of the coastline to the north.

Blowhole Overlook

A few miles north of the “Rock of Gibraltar” is another popular tourist attraction – a Blowhole. I did not bother going down to the ocean to see it, but I did take in the wonderful ocean and coastline vista from the high overlook above the Blowhole.

img_0714View from the Blowhole overlook, northeast coast of West Maui

Enchanted forest at Honolua Bay

My next stop was Honolua Bay. I have never been here before today even though Honolua Bay is close to Kapalua, the first first spot on Maui where I landed for the first time in 1986.

Well today, I walked through this forest of huge trees and giant vines before reaching Honolua Bay. Take a look…

 * * *

Here are also some still shots from the enchanted forest and the Honolua Bay beach…

 D.T Fleming Beach Park

My next stop was another first – the D.T. Fleming Beach Park. The place is on the doorstep of Kapalua. Yet I have never been there before, either. The sign in the parking lot proudly announces it as “America’s Beast Beach of 2006.”


Well, it is a nice beach. But America’s best beach? That sounds a bit too self-aggrandizing.

Who was D.T. Fleming? That’s what I was also wondering. So after some effort, I found out today that he was one of the early settlers here.  And he left behind a record of his experiences, “The Fleming Journals: West Maui Land Records and Family History 1905-1910”, which is now in Lahaina Library.

Kapalua Beach

Next was my longtime favorite – Kapalua Beach. That’s where I stayed when I first came to Maui in 1986.  The beach is still the same, and the views are beautiful. But there are a lot of condos now in place where there used to be just green lawns.

“Progress?” Not in my books.


Kaanapali Beach

This is where I was hoping to recharge my Leaf’s battery. Alas, all charging stations were out of order. But I still had 6 out of 12 bars left in my battery.  So I was hoping I might make it back home on a single charge.

If so, that would be about 105 miles – 5 more than the rated range of my electric car. That’s because I had not charged the Leaf at home before I left this mornbbinbg. I did it the day before at Pukalani while I was doing laps in the swimming pool. So I figured, it would be touch-and-go driving home.

But, it is what it is. I figured God and my spirit guides know that they are doing.  So I shrugged and  I went to the Kaanapali Beach where I actually had my first and only swim of the day. It was already close to 4PM and the sun was getting low over the island of Lanai.

Visit to Lahaina

No trip around West Maui would be complete without a visit to Lahaina. So I parked at our usual spot in front of Starbucks, and then walked the length of Front Street all the way to the big Banyan tree and the Lahaina harbor. That’s where I took these pictures.


By the time I headed back to my car, it was already almost 5PM.

“Ah, rush hour,” I thought.

There is only one road in and out of Lahaina. And at the end of the business day one is almost certain to end up in stop and go traffic. And so I did. We crawled all the way from Lahaina to Maalea Harbor where the road widens. Probably just as well as it helped save my car battery’s life.

I smiled when I realized that. “God knows indeed what He is doing.”‘

Drive Home: Winging It

When I got to about the Target store in Kahului, I was down to 3 bars in my car battery. That’s when I had to make a decision – do I go to Kaahumanu Mall and recharge, or risk it go for it – straight home.  I decided on the latter.

“God, now I need your help to get me home,” I said out loud.

I was thinking maybe those charging stations in Kaanapali were out for a reason – to test my faith and trust in spirit guidance.


I got home comfortably with one bar in my car battery still left. Whew! 🙂



Potential iPhone Problem Leads to Best Christmas Eve Ever!

It’s amazing how sometimes we can turn lemons into lemonade, almost unwittingly. What happened today is a case in point. A potential iPhone malfunction led to my best Christmas Eve ever. The climax was a long way up and down Makena Beach on southwest Maui shore, topped off by some bodysurfing on small – 3 to 5 ft – waves.

Potential iPhone Failure Spurs Me On Into Action

The day started with dark clouds and intermittent rain. Typical for the north shore of Maui where my home is.  So I decided to deal with some techie issues on my new Mac. After about an hour of talking to three Apple advisors, I was happy to have had all issues resolved. But when I looked at my iPhone, I was stunned. After just an hour of talking, the battery had dropped down 44% from 100% at the start of my phone call.

Well, I have been around the computer industry for more decades than I like to recall. So I knew this this was an omen of some hardware failure to come. Soon.  Because this phone (4S) is at least 4-5 years ago. Which makes it a dinosaur in this internet era. 🙂

And since this is now my only phone line and a long holiday weekend is coming up, I decided to do something about it rather than wait for the phone to fail. So I jumped in my car and drove all the way to the other side of the island – Kihei on the west shore of Maui. That’s where a Verizon dealer is located whose staff are much more customer oriented than the regular Verizon store staff. And indeed, they earned their striped again.


Within half an hour, I made a deal for a new iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE is almost the same (small) size as my old phone (I hate big phones!), but it’s the latest Apple technology.

You won’t believe the price I paid: One (1) cent! I kid you not. One cent! They had some kind of a free phone promotion going. But the computer needed to record an actual payment. Thus the one-cent price.

Alas, I did not have one cent on me. 🙂 So one of the Verizon advisors, a young man called Taylor, pitched in with his own penny. 🙂

All the while the two Verizon advisors and I were cracking jokes and teasing each other. Other customers who were waiting to be served also had a good time. Everybody was smiling and laughing.


When Taylor was done with processing the order, I offered to buy him and his pal Keilani some Starbucks treats. Both delighted to accept. So I walked over to the Starbucks store in the same plaza and brought them their drinks back.

“This is not a freebie,” I teased Taylor. “You paid one cent for these drinks.” 🙂

Then Taylor started transferring the data from my old phone to the new one. “That will take about an hour,” he told me.

“In that case, I know exactly what I will do for that hour,” I replied.


On a spur-of-the-moment, I jumped back into my car and drove on to Makena Beach. That’s about 12 miles south of Kihei. It’s a magnificent beach which, unfortunately, is on the opposite side of the island from my home. So it’s quite a trek to get there. So I don’t get to do it more than maybe once or twice a year, if that.

Once on the beach, I lost my shoes and walked barefoot through the waves the full length of the – twice. I am guessing that would be probably about a mile and a half. At the north end of the beach, I also jumped into the ocean and did some body surfing on the 3-5 ft waves.


The whole experience reminded me of the years I spent at my Western Australian home – the Bolt Hole. Right now, this is the height of the summer vacations Down Under. So being on a beach at Christmas seemed perfectly natural for me. And a bit wistful and nostalgic. I could practically see my Aussie friends barbecuing their Christmas meal on the beach. But not on Makena Beach.


Since I did not plan any of this, I did not have my swim suit on. So I just stripped down to my underwear. As you can see from the pictures, even though this is the height of the high season for tourism in Hawaii, there were very few people on the beach. Which speaks both about its relative remoteness and attractiveness for people like me who do not like crowds.

As I took off my shorts and dove into the ocean, I was chuckling under my breath about how fickle we humans can be.

Less than 20 yards away – there was this wall of lava which separates Makena Beach from the nude “Little” Makena Beach (see the photo).

Lava Wall Makena Beacg 12-24-16.jpg

little-beach-makena-1024-cq8On the other side of the wall, beachgoers would frown if they saw me donning a swim suit. But on this side, the north end of the “regular” Makena Beach, I a little felt self-conscious jumping into the ocean in my underwear.

“Silly!” I reproached myself. “Dual morality. Double standards.”

A few years ago, Elizabeth and I actually climbed that wall and walked from stigma into freedom. We also undressed and went swimming naked. Like everyone else on the Little Makena Beach. I was quite proud of Elizabeth, a prim and proper lady on any other day [as befits a former Queen Victoria 🙂 ].

Makena Beach from north 12-24-16.jpg

Here’s also a 1-minute aerial video shot of the two Makena beaches, accompanied by Hawaiian music:


After about an hour, I drove back to the store. Everything worked like clockwork. My new phone was ready.

So on my drive back home, I decided to try out its camera. I had heard that the new iPhone camera is fabulous. And my goodness, is it ever. Take a look at these pictures of a rainbow over the Rainbow Shower (my home lies just behind those two humps). And of the sunset at Ho’okipa Point, a famous surfing spot. Crystal clear!


Bottom line?

You should embrace problems and face them head on when they crop up. Because you never know what kind of magical experiences may lurk on the other side.

Like this fabulous Christmas Eve of 2016.  Merry Christmas everybody!

 * * *


Merry Christmas! Ours was wet and rainy most of the day until the sun finally broke through the clouds in mid-afternoon.

A 20 sec video clip at the Rainbow Shower – Dec 25, 2016

Direct link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/my5C1VSogE4


* * *



When the sun finally broke through the clouds in mid-afternoon, I jumped in the car and drove to Ho’okipa Point to see a big surf that was expected today and tomorrow. Was it ever!

In most of the world, on a Sunday, and especially Christmas Day Sunday, many Christians go to church.

Over here on Maui, on this Christmas Day we had an all-day “church service” at Ho’okipa Point, a world-famous surfing spot near my home. For, watching big surf crash against the shore is a spiritual experience. That’s why I made a short video so you can see and feel it for yourself.

Take a look… You may be able to spot in the distance something that in the video looks like an insect. Actually it is a windsurfer braving these big waves. It was the first time that I have seen one in these weather conditions. He/she must be either very good or very crazy. 🙂

A 35-second video clip of big surf – 25 to 30 ft waves – at Ho’okipa Point, one of the world’s foremost surfing spots

Direct link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/t6MivMUcvzU



Something made me jump into my car shortly after noon today and drive five miles to Ho’okipa Point, one of the world’s most foremost surfing spots. Not because I expected to see anyone actually surfing today. Because I did not.

I had heard that big surf may be revisiting us in Maui again today. And since I have not had a chance to see any while I was in Arizona in the last 2.5 months, thought I’d make the pilgrimage. They are always spectacular and never the same, Just like no two waves are ever alike.

So here are first some panorama shots I brought home from that outing.

Here are now some regular shots of today’s Ho’okipa big surf.

When I say “big,” keep in mind that everything is relative. These were 20-25 foot puppies. We have seen waves at this spot 40-50 ft high, And at the Jaws, which is even closer to my home, they can be easily well over 60 ft.

So let’s say today we had “medium” size puppies by Maui standards. 🙂




Jan 15, 2016

Hookipa Panorama 1-15-16

35-45 Blue and White Giants Roll On and Crash into Rugged Coastline

They were not kidding when the weathermen said we would get 35-45 ft surf today. Right after posting a heads-up about it this morning, Elizabeth and I jumped into our El Jeepo and headed down the unpaved rough and tumble road to Jaws.

Jaws is a cove about 4 miles from the Rainbow Shower where the world surfing record was set in 2001 with a 75-ft ride.


When big surf comes to Maui, half the island seems to move to our neighborhood. So even though it was only mid-morning, there were already hundreds of people watching the surfers being towed in and taking on the giant waves.

But we’ve seen it all before with even bigger waves. So we did not stay very long.

“We’ve done our annual pilgrimage,” I joked. “We can go now.”

We drove on for about 5 miles or so to another world famous surfing spot – Ho’okipa Point. Now here, today, the surf was truly spectacular. We stayed probably half an hour watching and filming the blue and white giants break and crash into the rugged shore.

At one point, while making a video, my legs got splashed by a rogue wave. I heard a young woman behind me scream, “you’re too close. You’ll get sucked in.”

It’s all on film which you’ll be able to see when I edit and post it. For now, you can also see a still shot Elizabeth took of my standing on the tip of Ho’okipa Point and filming the surf.

I just smiled and waved to her back, thinking she was a tourist. Later, after I finished filming and went over to talk to her and Elizabeth, I found out that she was also local. And that she thought I was a crazy tourist who did not respect the dangers of the ocean.

Well, maybe I was (crazy). But definitely not a tourist… 🙂

Take a look at some still shots… (the two surfer shots are file photos from Jaws)

Hookipa Panorama2 1-15-16Untitled_Panorama3 1-15-16.jpg

Fruit stands spring up along with big surf
Our “El Jeepo” looking as if it is surfing down a green lawn 🙂
Here are some additional shots from the Maui Big Surf Spectacular…

Here’s now a video of the spectacular surf on Maui’s north shore…

 * * *


ESPN, Jan 26, 2016

Surfers risk lives paddling into historic 80-foot waves

You saw it first at the Rainbow Shower “news channel.” And now, ESPN has also published a story about the huge waves that made waves and news on Maui 11 days ago.

It is not often that one beats the national news network by 11 days. It helps if you live within 4 miles of the world’s greatest two surfing spots – the Jaws and Ho’okipa Point.  That’s what Elizabeth and I did on Jan 15, when giant surf arrived in Maui (see MAUI BIG SURF SPECTACULAR), drawing out the best professional surfers onto the waves.

Today, ESPN caught up with us. The sports network published a great story about that day, including some spectacular pictures. Take a look…

The Jaws 1-15-16

I inserted our El Jeepo at the exact spot where we parked that morning at Jaws.

For more, see…

Surfers risk lives paddling into historic 80-foot waves – http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/14626909/surfers-risk-death-paddling-historic-80-foot-waves-jaws

* * *


Jan 22, 2015

Here are also some scenes from the same two surfing spots – Jaws and Ho’okipa Point – from a year ago…

Jaws_Panorama2 1-22-15




Ho'okipa Pt 12-06-15


Also, Maui Pops Orchestra Christmas Concert

Earlier this morning, Dec 6, 2015. I took Elizabeth to the airport. She will be visiting some of her mainland family during the next few weeks.

As it turned out, she had a chance to see some pretty spectacular Big Surf arriving in Maui this morning as we drove past Ho’okipa Point, one of the world’s preeminent surfing spots.

No surfers in the water this morning, though. Too dangerous. The waves were about 35-40 feet in my estimation. But a slightly bigger surf is expected in our home neighborhood – at the Jaws. That’s where a surfing world record was set a few years ago when someone surfed a 75-ft wave.

Today, however, the surf is expected to be “only” 40-50 ft. Which is perfect for the BIG WAVE TOUR pros who will be competing at the Jaws.

When that happens on Maui, nearly every other aspect of life stops. Half the island, it seems, turns out at the spot which is a walking distance from the Rainbow Shower, our home. So the Hana Hwy and all adjacent roads in our neighborhood were already packed with parked cars well before 9 AM.


Here’s a local news story about that competition, which apparently will be broadcast live on CNN…

The WSL Big Wave Tour Peʻahi Challenge has been called ON commencing at 8 a.m. this morning in 40’ to 50’ faces at the infamous big wave location. This marks the first BWT event at Peʻahi, famously known as “Jaws,” with competitors paddling into the gigantic swell – no tow-assist will be given.

For more, see…

Pe’ahi Challenge ON with 40-50 Foot Surf | Maui Now http://mauinow.com/2015/12/06/pe%ca%bbahi-challenge-on-with-40-50-foot-surf/#.VmSJ5FJQdlk.twitter


POLITICALLY CORRECT: Maui Pops Orchestra “Holiday” Concert

And then in the afternoon, I went to the annual Maui Pops Orchestra Christmas Concert at the nearly sold-out Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

Oops… everybody is being so “politically correct” that now we are supposed to call Christmas Concerts “Holiday Concert.”  That’s what the program now calls it.

Why is the Maui Pops Orchestra reticent to call it a CHRISTMAS concert? Trying to fit in with the “liberal” New World Order crowd?

HolidayPops2015_FlyerNever mind that the orchestra played  Christmas songs.  Such as, “Christmas at the Movies” (potpourri), “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” etc.

So shall we now start renaming all songs and old movies to fit with a new un-Christian PC terminology? And “re-christen” Jesus Christ into some non-denominational deity?

So why not call a spade a spade and Christmas Christmas?

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. This kind of a cultural assault on Christianity has been going on for several decades now. Check out, for example, these Washington Times and Truth in Media columns by this writer from the 1990s:


By the way, the concert was great.  The guest singer, Capathia Jenkins, a Broadway star from Brooklyn, was outstanding.  She raised the roof and the audience off their seats several times at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.


 * * *



Hookipa Point pano 10-27-15

High Surf at World’s Foremost Surfing Spot

Also, First Avocado Fruit of the Year at Rainbow Shower and Hawaii Symphony Orchestra Concert

Today, Oct 27, 2015, the big winter surf officially arrived at Maui’s north shore.  Twenty to 30-foot white mountains rolled in and roared all afternoon.

I had just finished pruning our Rainbow Shower tree when I got a voice message from Elizabeth who was driving to an art class.

“I am just passing by Ho’okipa Point, and the surf is beautiful,” her voice message said.

By then, I had already received a high surf warning on my iPhone. The surf was supposed to be 20 to 30 feet. So I was not surprised.

I met Elizabeth on our local road on her way back from her class. We turned around and drove right back to Ho’okipa Point for a closer look.  Ho’okipa is one of the world’s foremost surfing spots, in case some of you may not be aware.

And this is what we saw… waves of about 20-25 feet on average, and maybe even some 30-footers or bigger. There were no surfers in the water, though. Too dangerous even for the pros.

IMG_4785 IMG_4784 IMG_4791 IMG_4792 IMG_4794 IMG_4793 IMG_4797 IMG_4801 IMG_4799 IMG_4802 IMG_4806 Eliz and big wave

Elizabeth, normally scared of even the tiniest waves, looks in the above shot as if she is challenging the big ocean surf with her camera and pink dress. 🙂

First Avocado Fruit of the Year

IMG_4808 When we got back home, I continued my “farmer’s yoga” work, pruning some limbs off of our Avocado tree in gulch which I planted back in 2009. Lo and behold, we were also rewarded by our first avocado fruit of the year.

This Avocado tree has an interesting history. A neighbor gave it to us as a housewarming gift in a half gallon pot back in April 2009. I planted it near our house.  It died within a few weeks.

But I did not want to accept its death. So I dug up the roots and transplanted them down in the gulch. It came back to life but not for long. It died again after a few months.

Again, I did not want to accept its passing. I dug up its roots again and replanted them in a different spot near the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, the sacred place and the shaman’s altar.

It evidently liked it there. Because it is now a 20-foot tall beauty, And is starting to bear fruit as proof of its good health and happiness.

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra Concert Featuring World Renowned Soprano Sumi Jo

Along with the big surf, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra and the world renowned soprano Sumi Jo also arrived in Maui on Oct 27. And Elizabeth and I were on hand at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center to bear witness to and enjoy their brilliance.

unnamed IMG_4812 IMG_4813

The guy I am seated next to during the intermission is the most loyal supporter of arts and culture on Maui.  He has never missed a single event at MACC. And is always so happy, smiling at everyone. It was my honor to be photographed with him. 🙂

After the concert, Elizabeth said, “after seeing all those operas around the world with you, and hearing so many different singers, I have to say that I think Sumi Jo was the best of them all.”

That’s quite a compliment. Because we have indeed seen MANY operas and heard dozens of excellent singers at some of the world’s most famous opera and concert venues.


The Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra will make its Maui debut in an exciting performance featuring soprano superstar Sumi Jo. Praised for her remarkable agility, precision, and warmth of her voice, and for her outstanding musicianship, the Seoul-born singer has established herself as one of her generation’s most sought-after sopranos by the world’s top opera houses such as La Scala and The Metropolitan Opera. Audiences around the world recognize Sumi Jo from her many recordings and appearances, including the closing ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Games.

Maestro Jorge Mester, former music director of the Louisville Orchestra and Pasadena Symphony, will lead the HSO and Ms. Jo in a program of popular opera favorites, including music by Lehar, Offenbach, and Johann Strauss. Mester is a sought-after conductor in opera houses worldwide, including the New York City Opera, the Sydney Opera, and the Washington Opera.

For more, see… http://hawaiisymphonyorchestra.org/