Clear sky rainbows in the morning, first ever post-sunset rainbow in the evening


It happened again today. Just like it did three days ago – on Sunday, Jan 22. Both ends of this day at the Rainbow Shower were bracketed by rainbows. Only this time, they were even more beautiful.

The first ones this morning were rare clear sky rainbows. The mist and sun kept dancing with each all day. By late afternoon, more rainbows started to appear. And this evening, I witnessed something quite remarkable, possibly for the first time.

The sun had already set. The Rainbow Shower house and lawn were already enveloped in darkness as you can see from the first two photos. Yet the sun’s rays were still reaching up high and the sky and setting the clouds on fire as well as the rainbow.

It was an awe-inspiring, amazing sight. Feeling blessed? You betcha.

So I ran into the house get the camera and share it with you. Enjoy!


Today I had to run some errands in town. On my way, I could not resist and had to stop at Ho’okipa Point for another look at Maui’s Great White Giants that are pounding against the lava rocks at one of the world’s most famous surfing spots – Ho’okipa Point. But with the waves at about 25 to 30 feet, no one was crazy enough to try to surf on them.

MAUI’S GREAT WHITE GIANTS ARE BACK – a 1-min video by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Jan 25, 2017

Here’s a 1-min video consisting of 25 “live shots” – with my background music – Banana Boat from the Caribbean. 🙂

https://youtu.be/7-QshdLAJyU [Youtube version]

* * *


 * * *

UPDATE JAN 27, 2017

A 1-min video by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Jan 27, 2017 – filmed around 4PM


Just got back from a quick outing to Paia. Stopped at Ho’okipa Point on my way. Beautiful afternoon. What attracted me most of all was the scent of the ocean. Love it. So pure and healing especially with light trade breezes like today’s.

The surf is now “surfable” – about 6-10 ft waves. And there were lots of surfers starting their weekend on water.

Check it out…


Youtube link: https://youtu.be/XhrQqixcbdI


  * * *

UPDATE FEB 5, 2017


Normally, we get trade winds blowing from the northeast. Today, however, we are experiencing strong “anti-trade” winds from the southwest.

No, this is not a political anti-TPP statement. 🙂 But who knows, it could be. You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

How strong are the winds?

Not very. according to the official Weather.com. Only 22 mph right now. But the gusts must be much stronger. Because for the first time ever (!), they have literally opened my bedroom sliding screen door. Twice!

At first, I did not believe it was the wind. I thought I had forgotten to close it. But when it happened the second time…

So now I propped it up a little – using my university crest as a door stopper. 🙂 No offense meant. It’s just that I needed something narrow to wedge on the track behind it.

The wind is almost never an event unto its own. Like an advance scout, it precedes the arrival of the main army. Tomorrow, we are expecting rain. So it goes…


Better late than never?

Now they tell us… after the wind opened this door for a third time, and blew off the (heavy) top of my spa. And it also knocked down my wheel barrow. Here’s a weather update I just got:
Talk about closing the barn door after the horse is gone, I could have told them this morning the winds were stronger than the 22 mph the Weather,com said.
I just hope and pray that we don’t lose power or internet. Knock on wood, so far so good (rhyme intended) 🙂

UPDATE FEB 6, 2017


I have never seen anything like it before. Last night, an enormous cloud that took up 2/3 of the sky, shaped like a giant whale or a blimp, hovered above my house for nearly two hours.

The head was pointing to the west. The tail was in the east. The light you see which looks like the whale’s eye is actually the moon trying to shine through.

I snapped this picture when I first saw it a little after 10 PM without expecting much. I had never taken a shot before with my new iPhone camera in complete darkness. Then I went back to watch the rest of a movie. When I came back out about an hour-and-a-half later, the cloud was still there.

What made this phenomenon so extraordinary is that at the same time we were (and still are) buffeted by gale force winds that blew off the top of my spa and opened the sliding screen door – 3 times! Eventually, I had to tape it down to the frame using masking tape.

Yet the giant cloud was still there, like a massive immovable object impervious to gale force winds. Amazing! Wonder what it meant?


 * * *

UPDATE FEB 7, 2017


This morning, thanks to a real estate showing of my property, I did three things on a spur of a moment that I don’t usually do.

First, before I even cleaned up, I spent an hour raking and mowing the debris from the strong winds in the last two days have brought down on the lawn.

Second, I had breakfast. Well, I mean – a real breakfast, a veggie omelette at Colleen’s in Haiku town center – not my usual, a few grapes and half a banana.

Third, I drove down to Ho’okipa Point to watch the surfers on this beautifully clear morning. The forecast was rain, by the way. 🙂

You can see for yourself now how great the weather is this morning. It is rare that one can see the West Maui Mountains. Usually they are enveloped in clouds. The surf was about 10-15 ft with an occasional 20-footer.



But the most interesting scene was watching this family down on the rocks. Their two kids, a toddler and a baby still in diapers, played on the lava rocks like two little blonde crabs. 🙂

But one or both of the parents kept a close eye on them. The mother eventually took both kids into that little basin which the ocean had carved out in the lava rocks like a bathtub. Of course, she took off the diaper first. Not her own. 🙂



Nail-biting return home

The trade winds have returned to Maui this morning. After more than a week of VOG (volcanic emissions), the sky was clear once again.

So I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone: Test the endurance and range of my Leaf (electric car) and enjoy some beautiful sights around the wild and woolly West Maui.

In the past, Elizabeth and I have driven around the West Maui mountains’ twisty single lane roads a number of times – in El Jeepo or some of our other gasoline-powered cars. But never in a Leaf.

Why not?

Because even if everything went according to plant, the round trip would be about 100 miles. Which equals the rated range of the Leaf under normal conditions.

Alas, conditions are never normal on a volcanic island like Maui. There are hills and valleys, headwinds and tailwinds, light and dark. So I realized I was taking a chance when I set out on this journey a little after noon today.

For, now let’s just say that the Leaf and I returned home around six this evening on a single charge. That’s 105 miles!

There was a bit of nail-biting toward the end, but we made it home on a single bar (there are 12 bars when the car is fully charged).



It is rare that one can see so clearly the West Maui Mountains while driving from my home into Kahului. Normally, most Hawaiian volcano peaks are enveloped in clouds.

I took the first picture while driving past Ho’okipa Point, a famous surfing spot. The other two shots were taken from Kahului harbor. When the “Pride of America” cruise ship is in town (every Sunday and Monday), it instantly becomes the tallest structure in Kahului. 🙂


Here’s also a view of it from across the Kahului harbor.

Maui’s “Rock of Gibraltar

Ever since we returned from our May 2014 trip to Europe, which included a visit to Gibraltar, I have been calling this rock on the northeast side of Maui as our “Rock of Gibraltar.”

The height of the overlook north of the “Rock of Gibraltar” offers wonderful views of the coastline to the north.

Blowhole Overlook

A few miles north of the “Rock of Gibraltar” is another popular tourist attraction – a Blowhole. I did not bother going down to the ocean to see it, but I did take in the wonderful ocean and coastline vista from the high overlook above the Blowhole.

img_0714View from the Blowhole overlook, northeast coast of West Maui

Enchanted forest at Honolua Bay

My next stop was Honolua Bay. I have never been here before today even though Honolua Bay is close to Kapalua, the first first spot on Maui where I landed for the first time in 1986.

Well today, I walked through this forest of huge trees and giant vines before reaching Honolua Bay. Take a look…

 * * *

Here are also some still shots from the enchanted forest and the Honolua Bay beach…

 D.T Fleming Beach Park

My next stop was another first – the D.T. Fleming Beach Park. The place is on the doorstep of Kapalua. Yet I have never been there before, either. The sign in the parking lot proudly announces it as “America’s Beast Beach of 2006.”


Well, it is a nice beach. But America’s best beach? That sounds a bit too self-aggrandizing.

Who was D.T. Fleming? That’s what I was also wondering. So after some effort, I found out today that he was one of the early settlers here.  And he left behind a record of his experiences, “The Fleming Journals: West Maui Land Records and Family History 1905-1910”, which is now in Lahaina Library.

Kapalua Beach

Next was my longtime favorite – Kapalua Beach. That’s where I stayed when I first came to Maui in 1986.  The beach is still the same, and the views are beautiful. But there are a lot of condos now in place where there used to be just green lawns.

“Progress?” Not in my books.


Kaanapali Beach

This is where I was hoping to recharge my Leaf’s battery. Alas, all charging stations were out of order. But I still had 6 out of 12 bars left in my battery.  So I was hoping I might make it back home on a single charge.

If so, that would be about 105 miles – 5 more than the rated range of my electric car. That’s because I had not charged the Leaf at home before I left this mornbbinbg. I did it the day before at Pukalani while I was doing laps in the swimming pool. So I figured, it would be touch-and-go driving home.

But, it is what it is. I figured God and my spirit guides know that they are doing.  So I shrugged and  I went to the Kaanapali Beach where I actually had my first and only swim of the day. It was already close to 4PM and the sun was getting low over the island of Lanai.

Visit to Lahaina

No trip around West Maui would be complete without a visit to Lahaina. So I parked at our usual spot in front of Starbucks, and then walked the length of Front Street all the way to the big Banyan tree and the Lahaina harbor. That’s where I took these pictures.


By the time I headed back to my car, it was already almost 5PM.

“Ah, rush hour,” I thought.

There is only one road in and out of Lahaina. And at the end of the business day one is almost certain to end up in stop and go traffic. And so I did. We crawled all the way from Lahaina to Maalea Harbor where the road widens. Probably just as well as it helped save my car battery’s life.

I smiled when I realized that. “God knows indeed what He is doing.”‘

Drive Home: Winging It

When I got to about the Target store in Kahului, I was down to 3 bars in my car battery. That’s when I had to make a decision – do I go to Kaahumanu Mall and recharge, or risk it go for it – straight home.  I decided on the latter.

“God, now I need your help to get me home,” I said out loud.

I was thinking maybe those charging stations in Kaanapali were out for a reason – to test my faith and trust in spirit guidance.


I got home comfortably with one bar in my car battery still left. Whew! 🙂




Wow. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the year-ending concert by Hawaii Symphony which featured Beethoven’s 9th symphony – Ode to Joy. And not just at the end. All four movements were masterfully played.

One could not have wished for a more perfect climax to an exciting year. I had to sleep on it in order to climb down emotionally enough from last night so as to be able to write about it.

It was the first time that I have had a chance to see a female conductor in action. And boy, was she ever terrific. She conducted not just with her arms, she put her whole body and soul into it.

No wonder JoAnn Falletta has a list of credits as long as my arm. But I did not know that beforehand (see http://www.joannfalletta.com/ for her bio).

At the end of last night’s performance, the audience was positively ecstatic. You’d think you were at a sporting event judging by the cheering and applause.

I’ll probably write more after I get back home to Maui this evening. Meanwhile, happy New Year to those of you in Australia, Asia and the eastern time zone!


Ludwig van Beethoven was almost completely deaf when he composed his ninth symphony. The Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 (also known as “the Choral” and “Ode to Joy”), is Beethoven’s final complete symphony. Completed in 1824, the symphony is one of the best-known works in classical music.

Beethoven’s deafness created one of the most touching stories in music. When the symphony was completed, he remained facing the orchestra and could not hear the thunderous applause of the audience for his new symphony. Caroline Unger, thimg_1575e mezzo-soprano soloist, had to tap the deaf composer’s arm and have him turn around so that he could see how the crowd’s response. Many of those in attendance, including Miss Unger, had tears in their eyes when they realized the extent of Beethoven’s deafness.

It was first performed on May 7, 1824 at the Kaerntnertor Theater in Vienna.The theater no longer exists. Today, on the site of the old theater is the Hotel Sacher, right behind the Vienna State Opera House. Without knowing this historical tidbit until just now, it is interesting Elizabeth and I were drawn to Hotel Sacher and went there for meals and deserts every day during our May 2014 visit to Vienna. Like the famous Sachertorte (cake see – https://goo.gl/kFIUYm).

  * * *


Attending the year-end Hawaii symphony concert was the main reason I flew to Honolulu for a day and a half visit. But not the only one.

When I got to Honolulu on Friday morning, the weather was wet and drizzly. My tentative plan was to drive out to the Pipeline, Oahu’s notorious surfing spot on its north shore. But as I headed out in that direction, drizzle and low clouds that were practically touching the ground dissuaded me from it.

So I turned around and drove in the opposite direction. And decided to try to climb Diamondback. By the time I made it to the world famous volcano that seems to grace every postcard of Honolulu, the rain had abated to just a light drizzle. Which actually made the hike quite enjoyable and easier than on my two previous climbs.

So here are some shots from the summit.


By the time I made it there, even the drizzle had stopped. But the clouds were still there, providing an unusual backdrop to the usually sunny Waikiki beaches.

Here are some more scenes from the Diamondhead hike. You can see how low the clouds were from this panorama shot.



After a short nap, I went back out and walked on Waikiki beach. I don’t think I have ever seen it looking so gloomy. Yet the weather did not deter the tourists for doing what they came to Hawaii to do – lie, surf, sail or frolic on the beach. 🙂

I first went to my favorite hotel – the Royal Hawaiian.  When it was build in 1927, it was the tallest structure on Waikiki. Now it looks like a midget compared to the hotel skyscrapers around it. Yet it still has that old world Art Deco charm. I just love it. I could not imagine a visit to Honolulu without stopping by at the Royal Hawaiian.

This time, as I bonus I got to see it decked out in Christmas decorations. Which included this amazing gingerbread model of the hotel itself.

Right next door lies one of those hotel skyscrapers – the Sheraton, which now also manages the Royal Hawaiian.

That was the first hotel at which I stayed on my first visit to Hawaii 30 years ago. Its lobby was also looking very festive. You can also see from its beach the view of the Diamondhead which I had climbed a few hours before.

But my favorite view was this model who posed next to a giant sand castle display in the hotel lobby. 🙂 She was actually posing for her “sugar daddy.” I think I overheard them speaking Russian. Which stood out in a hotel lobby where 90% of faces and conversations were Japanese.


Late this afternoon, I walked back to Waikiki beach to see if the sun would grace us with its appearance at least at the end of the day.

Turns out – not really. But not for a lack of trying.

Normally, this late i the day there would have been a symphony of colors here on the beach. But not today.

Which was actually a silver lining. Literally. 🙂 For, it gave me a chance to shoot this photo essay of Waikiki beach silhouettes.

I was sitting on a bench and drinking my coffee. And people were walking by, back and forth, back and forth… as the sun was struggling to break through the clouds.

As a result, these pictures almost look like B&W photos. Do you have a favorite?


On my way back to my hotel, I stopped at the Trump Tower for a nature call.  So I texted a friend:

“By the way, I just used the restroom in the Trump tower.   For free. One of the new taxpayer perks, I hear.” 🙂

Farther down Waikiki, a street market had just opened (after 4PM). And it was bustling. They even had Elvis helping create a festive atmosphere. 🙂

* * *

Saturday, Dec 31, 2016


The morning of my second day in Honolulu was filled with sparkling sunshine. By the time I made it back to Waikiki beach, a little after 9 AM, all sorts of usual activities were already under way.

What a difference a day makes! It’s hard to believe this is the same beach photographed from the same spots as the shots I took yesterday. It looked like God has decided to give Honolulu beautiful year-end weather. Take a look…



After a nice Waikiki beach walk, I checked out of my hotel and pointed my car northward – toward Kailua on the windward Oahu coast. I did it with some trepidation for two reasons.

First, rainy clouds were still enveloping the high peaks of the Pali, the mountains that run like a spine parallel to the north shore of Oahu. Second, Kailua is where Obama is supposed to be vacationing. And the last thing I wanted was to run into him and his entourage or get delayed in traffic because of all his security.

But because the Kailua beach is one of the nicest beaches on Oahu, I decided to go there anyway.

As it turns out, my worries were unfounded. After driving through the drizzle at the top of the mountain range, the weather was mostly sunny over the ocean on the other side. As for Obama, there was no sign of him. So it was all good.

And this is what I saw on the beach…



From Kailua, I continued on to the northeast corner of Oahu. From our previous visits there, I knew there would be probably a good view of the Makapuu beach from the lookout of the same name. It was very windy there so I did not hang around for too long. But here’s a panorama shot I took from the lookout.



By the time I reentered Honolulu from the east, I thought I was done with my sightseeing. And then I took a “wrong” exit from the H1 freeway. Which turned out to be a perfect entrance into the enchanted world of Christmas in downtown Honolulu.

As I made the left turn from Punchbowl on King Street, I was stunned to see giant figures depicting Christmas scenes in front of the state and city buildings. So I quickly swung left again and ended up right at the entrance of a free public car park.  My spirit guides had it all laid out for me like a red carpet. I just had to walk on it.

And then I actually walk back along King Street admiring the spirit of Christmas in Honolulu on this New Year’s Eve of 2016.  I also marveled at it was all open to the public as our country used to be in the old days – no security screening, no cameras, just JOY OF CHRISTMAS.

Here’s a short video I shot inside the Honolulu City Hall:

Here are also some still shots now of a display of holiday spirit as magnificent as I have ever seen anywhere in the world.

(By the way, these are not inflatable figures. They are permanent sculptures.)


As I walked onto the beautiful grounds of Iolani Palace, the former royal Hawaiian residence, dotted with huge Monkey Pod trees, I was reminded of its sad history.


On Jan 17, 1893, United States government overthrew the Hawaiian monarch Queen Liliuokalani at gunpoint, cowardly hiding behind a group of American sugar planters under Sanford Ballard Dole. The coup occurred with the foreknowledge of John L. Stevens, the U.S. minister to Hawaii, and 300 U.S. Marines from the U.S. cruiser Boston were called to Hawaii, allegedly to protect American lives (for more click here – https://goo.gl/CxZGoE).

And the coup was proclaimed right here, at the Aliiolani Palace, right across King Street from the royal residence at Iolani Palace.

Every time I think about it, I hang my head low in shame.

“These are hallowed grounds for Native Hawaiians,” I was thinking, “and it is a park of shame for the rest of us Americans.”

Which is why I fly the old Royal Hawaiian flag in front my Rainbow Shower home. And do ceremony of atonement and contrition at that spot every Jan 17 when I am in residence at the Rainbow Shower. It is my way of showing respect for the Native Hawaiians, and apologizing for the crime the US government committed against them almost 124 years ago.

Here are now photos of Iolani Palace. For more on that, including our visit inside the royal palace in May 2011, click on… https://goo.gl/AeOiwA.



My final stop before going to the airport was at the Ala Moana mall. I figured they might have some holiday shows there. And sure enough, a group of Hawaiian women were performing hula dances just as I got there.

And that’s all she wrote from this trip to Honolulu.

 * * *


I almost forgot about this little tidbit. As I was driving from the Honolulu City Hall on King Street toward Ala Moana, I was stopped at a red light. My mind was still on the marvelous Christmas display I had just seen, and on the Hawaiian history that unfolded at Iolani Palace 124 years ago.

Suddenly I noticed a woman on a sidewalk who looked like a Native Hawaiian. She took off the pink rag she wore as her top and entered the crosswalk right in front of me topless. She seemed completely casual about that and took her time putting her hands to cover her breasts, like this woman in a file photo from NYC.

Unfortunately, the light changed to green before I had a chance to get my camera ready to shoot. Which is why I have to use this file photos to give you an idea of what I saw.

What do you suppose that was all about? An exhibitionist? And activist like these women in NYC and DC?

The Hawaiian woman, though, did not look like she cared if anybody stared. She walked topless across one of the busiest streets in Honolulu as if that’s the most natural thing to do.

 * * *


Which Hawaii? The sunny or the rainy one?

Turns out – BOTH. On the same day. 🙂

Beautiful day in Oahu, flash flood at the Rainbow Shower in Maui

What a way to end the year. The same day could not have looked any more different between Oahu and Maui than this Christmas Eve.


My foot bridge is gone – for the third and probably final time. I could not even see anywhere its big and heavy (200 pounds) boards. The big bridge has been damaged but is still standing.

So as most things in life, the “good” often comes with the “bad.” So I wish you all a happy new year from both sunshine and rain in the same day.

 * * *

Epilogue of Saturday’s flash flood


Finally the sun came out today and I was able to do some repairs and clean up after the flash flood on Saturday.

After about two hours work, and 2 1/2 pounds of lost weight, I was covered in mud head to toe. But the job was done and both bridges repaired.

My wonderful Japanese neighbors, Yumi and Taka, had found my foot bridge on their property and hauled it back into place before even started my work.

Of course, I thank them profusely as I never expected them to. I was just about to go hunt for downstream when they texted me that they had found the bridge and brought it back.

You can also see in the middle shot the two plants – money plant and red T-plant – which I have now put to mark the Music Crystal Transceivers despacho (buried underneath). Both were uprooted by the flood and deposited at this spot.

By the way, the erosion around the foot bridge has been so bad that the far end of it hanging onto what’s left of the riverbank by fingernails. I shored it up some more today with two long steel rods which I drove into the ground to support the bricks.
But as I said to Yumi and Taka after I was done, the next flood, if there is one (hope not), will be the end of the bridge.
“After that, I’ll cut it up for firewood,” I told them. They both laughed.

THE END. (I hope).

 * * *

UPDATE JAN 6, 2017


We have have had three consecutive days without rain! Which is a real blessing after suffering a two-year El Niño and scores of flash floods.

So yesterday, I put on my grubbies, grabbed my chainsaw and other tools, and headed down to the jungle at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower gulch to clear some large fallen trees.

The heavy and constant rains have made the tree crowns top heavy. And so they have eventually collapsed creating an impassable wall wooden wall.

I cannot remember how many times I have had to do that in the last 8 years. Probably several dozen jungle clearing efforts like that.

It took me a little over two hours of heavy chainsaw work to open up a path through the jungle. I worked in rubber boots because the ground was still muddy. Good news: Down 2.2 pounds at the end.

After I cleaned up, I drove on to Kihei and treated myself to a slice of delicious Maui Pie.

I know, driving 25 miles for a piece of pie may sound a bit excessive. But so was the chainsaw work I did. I had to cut most of the time by holding the chainsaw above my shoulders. And I’ve had rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders a few years back (sports injuries – tennis, hiking, etc.).
Besides, I drive an electric car and have solar electricity. It’s not like I am wasting energy frivolously. And the pie was delicious, as usual. Mountain berry flavor. 🙂 Yum!

Anyway, this is what the jungle looks like now.


Today I also polished our Anuenue bronze sculpture which has been relaxing on our front lawn for almost 8 years now. His name means “rainbow” in Hawaiian – appropriate for a guardian of the Rainbow Shower (name of my property).

Anuenue actually hails from Thailand. I had him first shipped to my home in Arizona back in 2006, and then on to Hawaii when I moved here in early 2009. So this horse is a world traveler even though he has been sedentary for the last 8 years. 🙂


* * *


December 21, 2016

This evening, at sunset, I did a Solstice fire ceremony at the Anahata – the sacred place of the Rainbow Shower.

Once again the fire created a blue smoke – a sign of its divinity and that it is being received by the spirit realm.

I recored the ceremony with three cameras. Here’s a video of it…


A film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Dec 21, 2016 – accompanying music – Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto – also recorded by ALTZAR on Dec 20, 2016.

 * * *

Direct link on Youtube: https://youtu.be/WfkiumuO1Rc


Here are now some still shots from this event…

And also some from the past solstice ceremonies… on the highest island in the world – Amantani on Lake Titicaca, Peru in 2012, and on top of Haleakala in 2013:

Haleakala is a 10,000 ft volcano on whose lower slopes my property lies. In Hawaiian, the word Haleakala means Home of the Sun (Hale – home, Akala – sun).

This volcano is the Fire vortex of planet Earth. According to legend, the ancient Polynesian god, Maui, captured the sun as it passed through the zenith above Haleakala Crater. Maui told the sun that it could not gain its liberty until it agreed to give the Earth a special blessing through Haleakala, as it reached the zenith each day there.


* * *



Giant Hummingbird cloud in the western sky on Solstice Eve


Since my spiritual awakening in this lifetime, I have always thought of myself as a Hummingbird. In fact, some of my friends use “Kinti” as my nickname (in Quechua, the Inca language, Kinti means Hummingbird.

An when I open the sacred space, for example, as a shaman, I call on the Siwa Kinti (Rainbow Hummingbird, the sacred animal of the Machu Picchu imperial court) to teach me to spread love and life with ease and grace he does as he flies from flower to flower.

The Hummingbirds knew that. When I was doing my shamanic pilgrimages in Peru, they would hang out outside my tent in the morning like little helicopters waiting for me to get out and say “good morning.” And once in the McDowell Mountains above Scottsdale, Arizona, a hummingbird hovered like a little helicopter several minutes.

I was even able to shoot a video as tears of joy were rolling down my cheeks (see a Divine Hummingbird Encounter- http://yinyangbob.com/AZ2009/2009/Mar.html). If you watch that 2009 video, the Hummingbird encounter starts at about 2:00 min mark.


With all this as a preamble, let us fast-forward to this morning. I had just finished my usual prayers and incantations. As I opened my eye, I was stunned and overjoyed to see a giant Hummingbird cloud. It took up about a third of the western sky.

I smiled and laughed and gave thanks to God and my spirit guides. Back in Peru and Arizona, I they guided me frequently through signs in the clouds, among other things. Not so much here in Hawaii. It’s been a long time, perhaps years, since I received a sign like this.

And since it came on the Eve of the December Solstice, it was especially auspicious.

Happy Solstice!

The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Additional symbolic meanings are:
* Lightness of being, enjoyment of life
* Being more present, aware
* Independence
* Bringing playfulness and joy in other people’s lives
* Lifting up negativity
* Swiftness, ability to respond quickly
* Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly
* Flexibility, being able to fly backward

 * * *


Tonight at 12:44 AM Hawaiian time, we will experience the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It will be the official start of winter. At the same time, our friends south of the equator will usher their summer.

As I was watching the last sunset before the solstice this evening, sitting on the Rainbow Shower lanai, I was moved to record a new (gentler) rendition of Mozart’s Clarinet concerto to commemorate the Solstice.

So I went inside and started doing it…


This piece came to me originally in England in October 2010 disguised as a violin concerto. I had to wait till Elizabeth and I got back home before being able to identify it as a clarinet concerto.

I have since renamed it Lunar Concerto because of its serenity and celestial qualities (like “music of the spheres”).


Here it is now, my new recording… as I hear this celestial music, which is slightly different from the way Mozart wrote it in the last year of his life – 1791.

Mozart Clarinet Concerto: Music for Winter Solstice 2016 – recorded by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic on Dec 20, 2016 on a Clavinova at the Rainbow Shower in Maui, Hawaii.

Direct Youtube link: https://youtu.be/fHOL6h-qnUo


Here are some still shots from that recording on Winter Solstice Eve 2016:




Just a quick post to let everyone know I got back home to the Rainbow Shower in Maui on time. The flight from Phoenix was longer than expected – 6.5 hrs. Which is like going from London to New York. But all’s well that ends well.

Better than well. Look at the gorgeous sunset that welcomed me home.

Actually, half an hour earlier, I did not think we would have a sunset. The sky was gray and the sun was hiding somewhere far away. Lo and behold…

Thank you, Inti Taiti (Father Sun) and my beloved Santa Tierras of the Rainbow Shower (feminine land spirits, the fairies).

Oh, I was also welcomed by a new hand of bananas, some which are ready to eat right now.

But in that same area, I also found a toppled banana tree and a broken flood light (which is mounted to the corner of the house). Go figure…

Guess we just have to take the good with the bad and make it all better. 🙂

UPDATE DEC 11, 2016

Crystals Music Despacho Activation #2


Okay, so back to where we started this morning – the music crystal activation. It was lovely and emotional ceremony. As I had done in Arizona, I placed the crystals on my Clavinova and played some sweet tunes for the Santa Tierras of the Rainbow Shower (land spirits, the fairies). It was mostly various Mozart pieces, like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Turkish March and Symphony #40, plus my latest creation – Memories of the Alhambra and Anahata (see http://wp.me/p1jFeo-28I).

The idea is that the crystals will act as fairy transceivers and will recognize my music from now on no matter where in the world I may play it.

Then I repeated the same thing on my Steinway concert grand. Not the same music, of course. Just the process of embedding it into the crystals.

At the end, I wrapped up the crystals in beautiful rainbow color Mestana (shaman’s sacred cloth in Quechua, the Inca language), and then trundled off down to the gulch, spade in hand, to bury them under the Christmas Berry tree which sits between the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu sacred place, the Rainbow Shower creek, and the footbridge which I built some 6 years ago.

  * * *

UPDATE DEC 13, 2016


This was my first day of what I have been calling for years my “farmer’s yoga” at the Rainbow Shower. Except that after I had been guiding by the spirit last summer to give up regular maintenance and turn it over to professional landscapers, my farmer’s yoga now consists only of clean up and beautification.

Today, it was 90% clean up and 10% beautification. But the latter yields an unexpected discovery to do with my Music Crystal Transceivers.

You can see above what the Panax trees looked like when I arrived back home. They shot up in height at least 2 feet. So today lopped off the tops of about a dozen and a half plants and transplanted them elsewhere to thicken the green fence. You can see on the right what they looked like after this part of my farmer’s yoga.

Then as I was carrying about a dozen or so leftover saplings to plant them along our western property boundary, something pulled me like a magnet toward the spot where two days ago I had buried my Music Crystal Transceivers as a despacho for the Rainbow Shower Santa Tierras. So I planted one of the Panax saplings right there, sort of to mark the spot the way people sometimes plant trees, shrubs or flowers around the graves of their loved ones.

On the way back up, I also spotted three Starfruit still hanging 0n the tree which bears their name.

“That will be part of my tomorrow’s breakfast,” I said to myself as I picked them off the tree.

The middle shot shows all four now thriving fruit trees I planted in 2009 that line our Orchard Rd.





This evening we had one of those “once in a lifetime” chances to observe a celestial spectacle live. Because tonight’s full moon is a SUPERMOON – 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon.

It is the “closest full moon to date in the 21st century,” NASA says. The moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 2034. So may be the last chance for many of us earthlings to attend a celestial spectacle like this.

So this evening, shortly after 5 PM, I fired up my El Jeepo and we drove out into the Arizona desert for an unobstructed view of this celestial event. But first, we witnessed a beautiful desert sunset.

The official sunset time for this day is 5:25 PM. And that’s the exact time when I took one of these three shots.

Stand by for the rest of this story – the pictures of the rising Supermoon over the McDowell Mountains, Scottsdale’s eastern frontier where I do many of my hikes.

The exact moonrise time was 5:13 PM – that actually before the sunset. But since the McDowell Mountains obstructed the view to the east, I had to wait a few more minutes for the moon to emerge.


The wait was a meditational experience. Partly, that’s because of the symphonic music I was listening to at the Classical FM Arizona station. I could even hear it out in the desert 20 or 30 yards away from El Jeepo – this being an open air vehicle.

While I was waiting, two other cars, a truck and a suburban, parked behind El Jeepo. They had the same idea, I suppose. Or were perhaps attracted by curiosity about what this Hawaiian Jeep was doing parked in the Arizona desert. 🙂

Anyway, I did not wait long. Less than 10 minutes. At exactly 5:35 PM, I caught the first glimpse of the Supermoon. Just a little sliver emerging over a McDowell Mtn ridge. I kept snapping picture for the next 5 minutes or so until the moon was finally free of the McDowell Mtns. T

hen, El Jeepo and I drove home. The people in the other two vehicles were still snapping pictures.

And that’s all she wrote for this celestial event. Good night





June 22-23, 2016

Ever seen a lunar rainbow? If so, raise your hand.

And by that, I don’t mean a halo around the moon. The real lunar rainbows are just like the solar ones only far less bright. And extremely rare. No wonder I don’t see many hands up in the air. 🙂

On very rare occasions – only four in eight years – I have even seen lunar rainbows. In fact, moonbows are so rare that many people are not even aware they exist.  They do. But you have to be up at odd hours to see them.

Last night, just before midnight, I finished my nightly meditations and incantations and was getting ready to get back into the house. As I looked toward the west a faint light stopped me dead in my tracks.

“A lunar rainbow?” I wondered more instinctively than by sight.

I looked again. There it was. Clear as a bell, at least to my naked eye. I went into the house to get the camera and see if I can document this extremely rare celestial event. I did not hold out much hope for a clear picture. The light was so faint. So I recorded live my narration of what I was looking at.

And then, some eight hours later, a double rainbow formed across the southwest sky. I looked at the clock. It was 7:42 AM.

“Rainbow bookends,” I whispered in awe. Just like on Oct 19-20 of last year (see LUNAR RAINBOW LAST NIGHT FOLLOWED BY CLEAR SKY RAINBOW THIS MORNING – http://wp.me/p3R16m-2gY).


 * * *



JUNE 21-22, 2016

The last two days have been pretty momentous for Elizabeth and me, the Rainbow Shower owners and caretakers (https://www.facebook.com/rainbowshowersacred/).

Three landscaping problems that I have been having to grapple with for the last two months disappeared this afternoon. Just like that. Poof! And they were all gone.

Of course, I did ask my Spirit guides to help me with these issues. But I did not know when or where they would choose to grant me my wishes.

First yesterday, the Home Depot delivered my new riding mower. No, strike “delivered.” It felt more like they just dropped it in from the sky like a caged animal. Take a look at the crate. Like a prison cell.

And I had to rescue it from it. It took several hours of axe and hammer work to break its wooden bonds. Then try to get it out of there. Which I could not do on my own. Had to pay someone $25 to help me. Then test it. Then fuel it. Then…

Get the picture? It was totally a “do it yourself” project. Which I hate. I can do pretty much anything I can set my mind on. But I hate being a “handyman” or a mechanic. So today I called the Home Depot manager to give him a piece of my mind about that kind of
“customer care.”


That was yesterday. Today, it was the opposite. Our jade and travertine tabletop on the lanai was used as a helipad for a drone shoot. That also took a lot of doing.IMG_6346

First, the six satellites required for navigation took their time lining themselves up for us. Then the camera malfunctioned. Then the memory card. Then the drone battery.

Finally, after almost an hour of arm-wrestling the modern technology, the drone took off into the sky. And we took some hopefully wonderful photos. I will share them with you when I get them from the photographer.

So it goes… something comes down, something goes up. 🙂


Ever tried to get rid of a non-functioning riding mower? Hope you never have to. Because mine has been a constant irritation ever since it failed some two months ago.

In its final dying moments, the rear wheel locked up tight. So I could not even tow it properly with my trusty El Jeepo to a scrapyard. But I did manage to literally drag it several hundred yards up the hill and along our gravel driveway to within 50 yards or so of the road. Its wheel plowed two deep tracks in the gravel. Which I have had to fill in and level manually.

That’s where it had been sitting for the last week or so. Because the local scrapyard owner failed to keep her promise and send her truck to pick it up. When I called Maui County “solid waste,” they said they only pick up “white trash.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You know, fridges, stoves…”

“Well, I can paint my mower white,” I joked. “Will you come and get it then?”

At first the County clerk did not get my joke. Guess they don’t get to talk to many taxpayers with a sense of humor. But when finally the penny dropped, she cracked up and laughed heartily.

Bottom line? I was still stuck with my RED wreck of a mower.

And then I had an inspiration this morning. I’ll spare you the gory details. But with a combination of brain, brawn and luck, I was able to use El Jeepo to tow the old Red Wreck about a mile up and down the hills to the scrapyard – with the rear wheels locked up tight.


Well, that shall remain my secret. 🙂 It suffices to say that it was a dangerous undertaking. That’s where the luck and my spirit guides help came in.



El Jeepo is our hero. Late yesterday afternoon, he performed another rescue mission. While riding my new mower down the steepest slope from the Upper to the Lower Rainbow Shower, I temporarily lost control of it. The brake would not hold. So the mower and the rider were skidding and hurtling toward the creek and the AHA (my sacred place) like stunt drivers.

Eventually, we stopped, the mower lodged atop the AHA between the two railroad ties which acted as brakes. It felt as if I put the mower back in the crate, only deeper. ☺ There was no way I could budge the mower out of that position. So I had to walk back up the hill to the house, get El Jeepo out of the garage, and then bring it down to the gulch for another rescue mission.

It worked. And nobody got hurt. The mower and I went on about our business and finished the cut before sundown. Then I thanked my spirit guides. Because both the mower and me could have been in for a lot of hurt the way we were hurtling down that steep hill. So to make sure we know better the next time, as the final act for the day, I drove the mower down the same steep hill. Kind of like teaching a dog new tricks. 🙂

 * * *


June 24, 2016

I went down to the gulch to do my usual rounds of the Rainbow Shower in mid-afternoon. I noticed this green lizard on our green Giraffe Bridge soaking in the sunshine.img_3661

He did not mind me. I did not mind him. So I just left him enjoy a lazy summer afternoon.

When I finished my chores, though, about half an hour later, my new green friend was still where I had left him before.

I took a closer look. His eyes were closed. He was evidently having his afternoon siesta.

“How cute,” I thought.

I hiked up to the house to get the camera. “Wonder if he’d still be there when I get back?”

He was. So I took these pictures.

In fact, when Elizabeth joined me for another walk in the gulch, some two hours later, our friend was still there. Only this time, his eyes were open and he was shifting his weight from one foot to another.

Elizabeth looked uncomfortable.

“Surely you’re not afraid of a little lizard like this?” I asked.

“Maybe he could jump up at me?”

I was lost for words after that remark. 🙂

Anybody knows a proper biological name for this happy creature?